Your Guide to Accident prevention, Precaution, and Safety

At Sterling, we believe that a little understanding can go a long way. So, we're introducing a growing section to help provide the tools you need to help navigate the right decisions in what to do before an accident, immediately after an accident or down the road. Whether you're looking for guidance, support or just doing some research for a friend or loved one, this resource is intended for you. And, if you don't find the information you're looking for... just ask!

  • Have you been in an accident? Do you know someone who has? What sort of precautions should you take? What questions should you ask? Find your answers here.
  • And in the spirit of safety and fun, we want to make a game of it. Check back to learn more about our latest giveaways - all in the name of safety.
  • Sterling presents a series of resources for you to access... in case of emergency.
  • You can ask us anything. But, chances are, someone already has. For quick answers, browse our FAQs to see if we’ve already have your answer.