We Promise to be there for you

When it comes to customer service, we are responsible and reliable. A positive approach to our customers, is our mission. The following are items we seek to provide for every customer, every day. Think of them as our officail Sterling policy. Think of them as our 10 point PROMISE.

  • 1.) We will greet you at the door.
  • 2.) We will help complete all forms and answer any questions.
  • 3.) We will assist with contacting the insurance company and help submit claim.
  • 4.) We will offer a tour of our facility and explain the repair process.
  • 5.) We will provide an estimate (if needed) and then a thorough repair plan once we inspect the damaged area.
  • 6.) We will keep you informed of your car's repair status and update you immediately if an unforeseen change occurs.
  • 7.) We will provide you with an industry leading Limited Lifetime Warranty of all work performed.
  • 8.) We will provide you with a ride to and from your house and work.
  • 9.) We will provide rental car assistance.
  • 10.) When the repairs are complete, we will wash and clean your vehicle.