Uncompromised Collision Repair

Our number 1 priority above any other is quality. It always has been, always will be.

-You can count on our process to identify every possible area of damage, even those that other shops may have missed.

-You can count on our professionals to make sure they're giving your vehicle the best possible care and attention to detail.

- And you can count on our company to use certified professional parts, the most-up-to-date practices and the most proven, high-quality paints and materials.

The Story

My car was damaged when an empty paint bucket hit the front of my Pontiac due to the high winds that were blowing debris on I-15 South. This caused damage to the front bumper and underneath the vehicle. The Pontiac was scheduled to go into Sterling Autobody for repairs on Monday, and was scheduled to be completed in 15 days. Two days after taking the car in, Sterling informed me that my vehicle was completed and ready to pick up. The work performed was very professional, and I was very pleased. Sterling Autobody said the repairs were warranted for as long as I owned the vehicle.

The Testimonial

Thank you, Sterling Autobody, for the work performed on my 2003 Bonneville Pontiac. Great body shop to do business with. I would recommend them to anyone.

-Max E.

How do we measure performance? CSI

After the completion of each project, we ask our customers to complete a report card on our performance. This is conducted by an independent, third-party research company who contacts you after the repair to gauge how satisfied you are with the quality of the repair, in addition to other things. We believe that the rigor of our measurement – over 2,000 calls are completed each month -- has spurred our unyielding focus to make sure that we get the repair right. Greater than 90% of our customers said they were satisfied with the service at our stores!