Technicians, Counselors, Time Travelers, Miracle Workers. Call them what you want, but the fact remains that Sterling associates are among the best when it comes to getting your car back to the way it was. Through sophisticated systems that allow us to see how we are performing across the country, we continually assess performance and customer satisfaction.

We realize the best people have a deep desire to learn new skills and hone the ones they already have. That is why we created Sterling University, an extensive training program geared towards those people who enjoy learning new job skills.

Sterling University is a company-wide program that teaches a variety of technical and non-technical skills to help give our people the tools they need to advance in their careers.

The Sterling University Technical Training

The Sterling University Technical Training program is a combination of several types of training. Our own people, equipment suppliers and industry associations all provide valuable input for our Sterling University technical courses.

Internal "hands-on" training

Sterling has its own team of experienced internal trainers who develop, teach and continue to update specific technical skills that are critical in providing a safe, quality repair. The team focuses on quality consistency throughout all of our stores. Courses range from welding and panel fit & finish to our Quality Assurance Process. Rather than using strictly a classroom format, we incorporate actual "hands-on" demonstrations and practice of proper repair techniques.

Supplier training

Sterling’s size and growth trajectory allow us to access significant resources from our suppliers. They help us, on an ongoing basis, to train and update our people on the equipment that we purchase from them. Training includes painting and paint prep, frame straightening, refinishing, paintless dent repair and detailing.

I-CAR & ASE certification

Our people are scheduled into I-CAR and ASE training classes to continue to build their certification in accordance with industry standards.

Internal mentorship

Our newer people are paired with an experienced technician who helps to "mentor" him or her on a day-to-day basis. The experienced tech helps teach new skills and demonstrates specific applications of these techniques.

Customer Service / Administrative

In our efforts to provide the best customer service possible, we provide ongoing training classes for our front office and administrative staff. These courses include scheduling, payroll and bookkeeping, customer service, file management and information systems training.

The Sterling University Management Training

Sterling University offers extensive Management instruction that includes intensive studies of:

  • Production management
  • Customer service delivery
  • Leadership style
  • Financial training
  • Information systems tools
  • People development
  • Interviewing and hiring
  • Performance management

Once a month, a course is taught in each region. Each active participant receives a Sterling University certificate recognizing their course completion. Simultaneously, potential store general managers and assistant general managers are flown to our training facility in Chicago for an intensive week of training. In these sessions, we teach them the tools they need to be successful in their position as they move up the company ranks.

Each year our entire leadership team from across the country, including all regional directors and store general managers, gathers together for three intense and exhilarating days of learning how to be better leaders in the Sterling world.